Thomas Jefferson once noted “no duty the executive had to perform was so trying as to put the right man in the right place.” In the pressure-packed world of energy trading, it hasn’t become any easier to find that "right" person. Our firm is dedicated to finding the select few people who are presently doing the very best work in the industry. Ambitious companies use us to attract great talent, who for the most part are already employed and successful in their positions.

While we have invested heavily in technology, the heart of our business is understanding the goals of the talent we recruit and the goals of the clients we represent. When the goals of both coincide, Jefferson’s ideal can be realized, and companies grow and prosper.

Each search is conducted by one of our partners, and a second contact person is designated for each client to insure any question is answered promptly. Our communications center insures the uninterrupted flow of information, and no matter when a client’s need arises, work begins immediately – even Friday or Saturday.

Our daily contacts in the marketing and trading business enable us to know who is ready to step up and who is not. Whether your needs are in power, natural gas, refined products, crude oil, or coal, one of our partners is ready to assist you.

And yes, all of it is very confidential. We go about our business very quietly. Confidentiality is protected for both the candidate and the client. We will not release revealing information without your permission. Doesn’t that sound like the kind of firm you would prefer to work with?

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